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"Saul, what a blessing to have you with us this past Shabbat. Your beautiful music and kavanah are a seamless blend. Yishar kochacha, and thank you for elevating our prayers " 

- Rabbi Larry Milder August 2023 Congregation Beth Emek , CA


Saul and Elana gave us one of the most magical weekends of the year. They are brilliant musicians that invited us into their warmth, creativity, and love of Jewish life with song, stories, and meditative moments; transforming each space they entered. Experiencing Shabbat through their eyes and music created an atmosphere that was touching and personal, as well as celebratory and bold. This was a treat for me and for the entire congregation, I can't wait to welcome them back to Boston. What a gift.  -- Cantor Alicia Stillman, Temple Israel of Boston. April 2022

"It was wonderful to welcome Saul and Elana to our community. They bring respective strengths capable of reaching different ages and interests -- Saul, bluesy guitar chops par excellence, and Elana, contemporary Jewish favorites and a simply extraordinary way with kids -- that made for a fun intergenerational weekend. Couple this couple with their laid-back professionalism and we can't say enough!"

Rabbi Aaron Meyer Temple Emanuel of South Hills, Pittsburg

February 2022


Saul Kaye has been leading the "Power Hour" at Beth Jacob for over 5 years, and he brings a unique mixture of spiritual engagement and incredible talent to our community. Through beautiful music and an amazing ability to read the energy of the room, Saul has helped to bring many people to the Shabbat experience who otherwise had not found their connection. Working with him is a true joy. 


Bill Futornick

Congregation Beth Jacob, Redwood City, CA

MArch 2019

""Saul indeed has a God given talent, developed through a tremendous investment of time and energy. That Divine gift he used for the great blessing of our Jewish community as well as our Christian and Muslim neighbors for an 'Open the Gates: Jewish Blues Concert & Interfaith Dessert Reception' in Galveston. Such efforts are all the more pressing now that the always present bigotry of our world has bubbled to the surface and is staring us in the face. We cannot turn aside nor look away. We have to deal with it and Saul's music -- mixing things that don't ordinary go together to make something even more beautiful -- is a great vehicle by which to drive home positive change!"


Rabbi Marshal Klaven March 2017

Congregation B'nai Israel -- Rabbi

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'Mr. Saul Kaye of San Francisco, California, brought his enthusiastic, yet laid back personality and his blues sensibility and spiritual openness to Temple Sholom of Chicago.  It was great to have his artistic and spiritual gifts enhance our Shabbat.  Highly recommended!' 

Rabbi Edwin Goldberg 

Temple Sholom of Chicago October 2015



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