Just Released This Gift- 15 Soulful Conversations with Today's Brightest Jewish Artists on Choosing the Jewish Music Life Click the image to purchase on Amazon It’s a Journey into the lives and stories Of 15 of today’s Jewish Music Artists If you’d like to understand more of the journey Of Jewish Music Artists and prayer Leaders and get a little window Into my world and how it all started… Here are the Artists, Noah Aronson 
 Craig Taubman
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 Nefesh Mountain:  Doni Zasloff and Eric Lindberg
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 Joe Buchanan 
 Michelle Citrin 
 Shira Kline 
 Joey Weisenberg 
 Naomi Less
 Sam Glaser
 Josh Nelson 
 Saul Kaye

In this inspirational memoir, internationally touring musician, artist, and entrepreneur Saul Kaye looks at the lessons he’s learned during his lifetime and shows how you too can overcome your biggest obstacles and reinvent yourself! This easy-to-read book begins with Saul on the brink of bankruptcy—a moment that led him to make a life-changing decision. In the fourteen chapters that follow, he goes on to reveal stories from his life with no-holds-barred honesty to illuminate where he came from, what he went through, and how it all led to where he is today: debt-free and cash positive, with a massive passive income and others who he refers to as “derivatives of himself” out there working every day on his behalf. We are meant to connect and learn from each other’s stories. You may connect with one of Saul’s many failures—or with one of the elements that ultimately led to his success. Either way, with its fun and uplifting stories, along with searching questions to help you reflect upon your life and discover your greatness, this book is sure to inspire action and leave you better off than it found you. CLICK ON THE IMAGE ABOVE TO GET YOUR COPY - Physical or Kindle